No. 413 – Automatic Awl

awlAn unusual tool for sewing leather, canvas and similar materials. The awl carries a spool of waxed polyester black thread on the handle. Hollow handle holds an extra curved needle and wrench. Directions furnished with each awl explaining how automatic awl lock stitch can be effected in repair work. Furnished with one straight (Osborne No. 413N 8) and one curved diamond point (Osborne No. 413N 6) needle.

No. 4502 – Straight Rigid Metal Tack Strip

4502Used on outside backs to achieve a finished edge and eliminate hand sewing. These strips are most commonly used in a vertical position and on an outside back. Sold in boxes of 100 strips per box. Galvanized finished.

No. 4602 – Flexible Metal Tack Strip

4602A continuous metal strip used for fastening fabric on curved or straight areas.This eliminates the need for hand sewing. Most commonly used on curved arms, outside wings, and arched backs. 3 tooth pattern for extra gripping. 100 feet per roll. Galvanized finish. Available in 3 types: light, medium and heavy. Packed and sold 5 rolls per box.

No. 4702-214 – Cardboard Tack Strip

4702Used to attach fabric in a straight line. It gives a finished look and can be used on front boxing, outside arms, and outside backs. Sold by rolls of 214 yards.

No. 1066 – Staple & Tack Remover

1066Polished and forged steel blade. Hardwood handle. Nickel plated ferrule. A European favorite.

No. 120 – Staple Knocker

120aStaple knocker for removing staples and shredded material. Manufactured from top grade steel. Electronically hardened working ends.Fluted amber cellulose acetate handle to keep from rolling. Use with Osborne hickory or rawhide mallets.

No. 120 1/2 – Staple Lifter

120The correct angle for removing staples of any size, from the smallest to the longest leg staples. Manufactured from alloy tempered steel. Electronically hardened working ends. Fluted amber cellulose acetate handle to keep from rolling.

No. 121 – Tack & Staple Remover

121Used for grooving out drawers, so when re-glued they will stick. Also removes staples. Made of forged steel with wooden handle and a nickel plated ferrule.

No. 124 – Staple Remover

124Forged from alloy tempered steel. A consistently made Osborne quality product. Carefully hardened for long lasting use. Hardwood handle with nickel plated ferrule.

No. 124-12 – Staple Remover – XL

124-12Similar to our Osborne No. 124 but with longer blade. Ideal to remove staples in hard to reach places.


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